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Igloo Party Bar, powered by LiddUp on Halloween

Where to get the Party Bar

Whether it is at trade shows, via our contact form or following the airing of the LiddUp episode of ABC’s Shark Tank, One of the main questions we receive is, “where can I get an Igloo Party Bar?” and specifically, “the Party Bar powered by LiddUp?!”

Obviously there are several links on our website and the Igloo Party Bar website that lead to vendors and stores that keep the coolers in stock. But, we thought we’d help streamline the process by providing a few direct links and resources to help you get your hands on the coolest  lit cooler on the market!

A few of the great retailers where you can pick up the LiddUp cooler. Order online or visit the store (most offer free shipping but all offer shipping!):

Along with these retailers, Igloo created a custom Google Map pointing at locations across the United States that may help you find the Igloo® Party Bar™ powered by LiddUp!