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what to pack for a camping trip

Camping Essentials – What to Pack in Your LiddUp Party Bar

Planning a camping trip is almost as exciting as the trip itself. Picking out a destination, shopping for gear, and getting your supplies together aren’t exactly small undertakings!

We’ve previously highlighted the LiddUp Igloo Party Bar as the best camping cooler on the market. But you may be asking yourself, “What should I pack in my Party Bar for my next camping trip?”

We’ve put together a list of essentials here to make sure nothing gets left behind.


No camping trip is complete without a varied selection of beverages for the whole family. It’s important to have plenty of water on hand, especially if your camp site doesn’t feature a fresh water source.

On top of bottled water, you might want some sports drinks on hand if you plan on going on a hike or taking on any other sort of exercise on your trip.

Food / Snacks

Everyone is familiar with the classic camping snacks. What kind of camping trip doesn’t feature trail mix and s’mores?

Luckily the Party Bar is large enough to hold all the classic camping staples and then some. There’s nothing quite like cooking over an open fire in the great outdoors to take you back to a simpler time. The two most popular snacks people like to cook on an open flame are hot dogs and marshmallows (no camping trip is complete without s’mores!)


Just as important as the snacks and beverages is the ice that keeps them safe and cool. The Party Bar boasts 125 quarts of space to make sure you can load it down with all the ice you need.

Ice is especially vital when your snacks include meat and dairy products that require a decent amount of refrigeration. If you have never included dry ice in your camping cooler packing plans, it might be time to try it out!

The LiddUp Party Bar Is the BEST Camping Cooler!

When you are ready to take your family on an unforgettable camping trip you will undoubtedly need a cooler! Well, look no further than the Party Bar powered by LiddUp – the best camping cooler out there.

the liddup igloo party bar is the best camping cooler

What Makes the Party Bar the Best Camping Cooler?

When you plan a camping trip, there are a few essentials that are necessary for a successful time under the stars. Aside from a tent, chairs, and sleeping bags, no forage into the wilderness would be complete with a great cooler to keep your food and drinks safe and cool!

The LiddUp Igloo Party Bar is the perfect cooler for a camping trip with the family.

But what makes it such an awesome camping cooler?


One of the biggest hassles people run into when bringing a cooler to the campsite is having to carry it. When a cooler is full of ice, drinks, and food, it can get really heavy really quickly.

The Party Bar features durable wheels affixed to an easily detachable base that make relocating the cooler a breeze. The wheels also include lockable casters, so once you find the right spot it will stay put right where you need it.


When you take the whole family camping for a weekend, you’re going to need plenty of food and drinks. The Party Bar is spacious enough to hold all you’ll need, and then some.

Boasting 125-quarts of interior storage space, the Party Bar also features innovative Cool Riser technology that elevates the main section of the cooler up and away from the warm ground to keep the contents cooler for longer periods of time.


What truly separates the Party Bar from the competition is the built-in interior LED lighting system that helps you see exactly what you’re reaching for long after the sun goes down.

The 360-degree light system ensures you can see every square inch of your cooler at all times of the day and well into the night. No more digging around in the dark!


Want to keep your food items separate from the drinks? Maybe you’d like to keep your kids’ beverages away from the adults’ libations?

With the Party Bar, you can use the included dividers to create up to three separate compartments, making organization and customization as easy as possible.

What more could you want from a camping cooler?

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